IxDA arrives to the land of design, Ahmedabad.
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Design of XXIst Century

Alok Nandi – President, IxDA
Srini Srinivasan – President-Elect, WDO
Pradyumna Vyas - Ex-Director NID
Abhinav Tiwari – CDO, Lumium Design Inc.

Date - 26th Febuary 2019
Time - 4:00 PM onwards
Venue - NID Gandhinagar

Know Us

Know Us

Ahmedabad – The Capital of Design – With the presence of renowned design institutes of the nation and the pillars of history entrenched in it, the city carries a deep-rooted understanding and appreciation for design in varied disciplines. With antiquity of craftsmanship, a commitment to fine quality and the openness to the contemporary, the city is a center of the innovative design. The design zeitgeist in Gujarat is largely modernist hence the design solution has always come as a response to the ever-evolving functional needs. With the rising transformation in design and the arrival of the digital age, design is now a significant part of our lives and to make it more interactive, IxDA is launching its Ahmedabad Chapter.

Established in 2003, IxDA is a global interaction design community with more than 100000 individuals and over 200 local groups across the globe. Driven by a passion for design and a belief that interaction design can make the world a better place, IxDA offers a platform to all the designers to learn, share and network with the fellow designers in the city.

IxDA Ahmedabad plans to host periodic discussions, events, interactive workshops that would focus on the specific needs of industries based in the state of Gujarat. Through these events, IxDA Ahmedabad envisions to increase the awareness of User Experience and Interaction Design which will help the local community.




Local Groups




Alok Nandi | Srini Srinivasan | Pradyumna Vyas | Abhinav Tiwari

Date - 26th Febuary 2019

Time - 4:00 PM onwards

Venue - NID Gandhinagar

Local Leaders


Janvi Desai

Brand Strategist
Sharp-witted | Arty | Zealous


Vishal Purohit

Ux Designer
Automotive Enthusiast | Witty | Gleeful

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